Hidden Dangers in Dental Floss 'WHAT?'

When trying to eliminate toxins from our daily lives, i'm sure dental floss is not something that pops to the forefront of our minds. Flossing as we're taught, is an important part of ones oral hygiene routine, it's the power of 'the string' that gets into tight spots that regular toothbrushing cannot, yet, many of us don't think to question what floss is really made from. In my ongoing quest to eliminate toxins from my family's daily life, i decided to delve further into the truth, little did i know... the 3 typical ingredients found in all 'big brand' floss manufacturers.....take a deep breath, i was just as alarmed and quite frankly appalled when i read.....

  • Nylon – Plastic / Petroleum based As we all know our earth currently is at a global crisis with the 'plastic epidemic' why would we contribute to this knowing that the world consumes enough dental floss to circle the earth several times!
    • Teflon YIKES! Teflon contains PFCs (perfluorinated polymers) that are used to make materials stain and stick resistant (think Scotchgard, Gore-Tex & Stainmaster, all of which contain PFCs). Basically, we're flossing with harmful, hormone altering PFCs onto our gums and leaching into our blood stream, with a big dose of carcinogen. Fabulous! I say 'NOT.'
      • Synthetic Wax Floss covering made from more, you guessed it, petroleum. Our bodies don’t know how to break this stuff down and neither does our planet. Petroleum products have a very slow decay rate, which means that every peice of floss ever used is still hanging around our earth, choking on our wildlife and marine life. Enough said.


        PFCs are notorious chemical contaminants. Researchers have linked human exposure to PFCs with thyroid disease, hormone instability, immune system damage, ADHD, impaired reproduction and fetal development problems, read about it here. Having the knowledge of the above research leaves me wondering if i should ever floss again, yet, i know dental hygiene means smaller dental bills and dental health is vital for overall health. So, where does this leave me with the flossing conundrum? Fear not.....there are natural alternatives for dental floss, with benefits for you and the environment.  For more eco friendly alternatives to everyday items check out our product page.