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Lavish Abundance is a sublime smile tonic whose lush aroma belies its uplifting impact. Vanilla, wild jasmine, lavender, lemon, and lime gather in an exquisite blend that has been called "a poetic masterpiece in a bottle".

This perfume was born to inspire with its clean, white-glorious-glow all shining. It lets you breathe, let go, and give praise that us mortals can at last know the scent that was worn by the goddess Isis.

Capturing the erogenous depth of jasmine sambac by preparing a strong but gentle bed of vanilla, combined with an exquisite balance of citrus from lemons and limes, and flourished by the freshness of lavender, this aroma is a story that entrances and enlightens the listener/inhaler.


Immerse yourself in levity and laughter as you celebrate your Lavish Abundance.

Ingredients - 

Vanilla - Vanilla planifolia - Bold, rich, and unabashedly beautiful, warm vanilla prepares the way for the more subtle aromatics in this elixir. Vanilla is a potent aphrodisiac that awakens the senses, eases anxiety, and calls forth a new era of abundant levity.

Jasmine Sambac - Jasminum sambac - Wild jasmine provides strength and unity to this perfume, serving as the fragrant peacemaker between all of the other aromas. Jasmine’s delicate nature also unites disconnected lovers and helps mind and body reconnect with the spirit.

Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia - Dusky lavender purifies this abundant blend, offering calming, clarifying, uplifting properties of peace. Protective and grounding, lavender helps maintain a sense of deep inner peace no matter how chaotic the outside world becomes.

Lemon - Citrus limon - Refreshing lemon infuses this elixir with pure sunshine. Lemon improves focus, clarity, motivation and concentration. It inspires creativity while dissolving depression and alleviating anxiety. Lemon lends levity to a world of Lavish Abundance!

Organic Biodynamic Alcohol - Organic Biodynamic Alcohol serves as a carrier for our petal perfumes and forest colognes, allowing each botanical to effortlessly infuse the skin with aromatic wonders. This organic, biodynamic alcohol is of the utmost quality and is triple - filtered for purity. Produced from certified organic grapes, it is independently tested to ensure it meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for pure, organic, pharmaceutical grade alcohol.