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BKIND bamboo travel case

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Did you know the bamboo plants popularity is not only for its renewable and sustainable properties that allow it to regrow easily after harvest, even in damaged and poor soils, but also because of the remarkable natural antibacterial traits of the bamboo fibre...Because bamboo has an inherit natural barricade against bacteria, most varieties of bacteria and bugs that attempt to thrive of the bamboo plant are eradicated naturally on contact.

Bring your shampoo and conditioner bars everywhere you go with bkind's bamboo travel case! Super light and adorable, this eco-friendly case will protect your bars during travelling or while at home, while keeping them dry. Bamboo is super solid, resistant and is a natural antibacterial.

The box fits perfectly the shampoo & conditioner bars

Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.75 x 1.5"

Please note - This travel case is not waterproof. Store in a dry place.