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elate prep primer

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Start your beauty and makeup routine with elate's prep primer, formulated with hyaluronic acid to smooth the skins surface while providing hydration. This beautiful product holds 10x its weight in water to keep your skin's tissue hydrated and replenished, leaving it beautifully moist and glowing day after day.

In addition to the silicone free hyaluronic acid, the benefits of elate's prep primer also include: Rose Geranium, which balances oil production and aids in redness and sensitive skin. Rosemary is an antioxidant that helps improve circulation. Aloe is an anti inflammatory full of essential vitamins A + C for glowing skin.

Nourish your skin and reap the benefits of elate's powerhouse combination prep primer. 

Apply 3 - 6 drops to your skin by emulsifying in your hands and pressing gently. Wait a few minutes before applying your next cosmetic to allow the skin to absorb the hydration.