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women's reusable cloth pads - regular

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These reusable cloth pads are made of 3 layers of absorbent hemp and a breathable waterproof film, they are thin, comfortable & efficient, while providing excellent protection even during your periods heavy flow days. You'll feel secure with the wings that hold the pad in place with the thin snap. The colourful backing add a touch of beauty and femininity.

The fabric that comes into contact with the skin is made of natural fibres that have never been bleached or dyed, therefore reducing the risk of irritations, allergies and infection.

These cloth pads are supremely soft (ideal for sensitive skin), washable, will not loose shape nor shrink when laundered. We recommend washing in cold water, not using bleach or fabric softener as these products irritate the skin and will reduce the life cycle of your pads.

Recommend to wash prior to first use.

Made in Canada