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soap pouch

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As a proud Canadian / Mexican company, 'sayula' products address the need to develop socially, environmentally and economically sustainable opportunities in Mexico. As a co-op we work directly with rural communities to help them improve their quality of life by providing stable income and fair prices that directly benefit people living in those communities & making the products you see and love today!

The soap pouch is hand - knit from a co-operative in Mexico. Made from the 'Maguey' agave plant. This biodegradable pouch is lovingly interwoven to increase the lather of your soap, remove dead skin cells, exfoliate & stimulate circulation all while protecting your soap.

Our products are biodegradable and use plant species that naturally grow in Mexico, don’t require much water or use of harmful practices, like the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Pamper yourself and live your best life while doing so sustainably for yourself, the amazing people who lovingly make the products and the environment!

Size: 15 x 10cm